• Chủ đầu tư:PetroVietnam Domestic Exploration Production Operating Company Limited (PVEP POC)
  • Loại dự án: Đường ống
  • Địa điểm:Block 05-1a at North-West of Nam Con Son Basin
  • Thông tin chi tiết:


    • Duration: 2014
    • Scope of work: Feasibility Study/ Detailed Design
    • Project description:
      Dai Hung Field is located at Block 05-1a at North-West of Nam Con Son basin within South-East continental shelf, Viet Nam, 260km far from VungTau seashore. This field was discovered in 1988 by DH-1X.
      In 2011, WHP-DH2 with existing system is operated to increase the capacity of associated gas up to 1 MMSCMD. Besides the associated gas there is considerable volume of natural gas located in bottom and middle of Mioxen layer. Modifying WHP-DH2 and installation Pipeline to connect WHP-DH2 is in order to gather and transport 1.9 BMSCM of associated gas at outlet of HHP – Separator and Test Separator of WHP-DH2 to BK-TNG platform. Gas from WHP-DH2 shall be transported to TEG skid on BK-TNG platform before being routed to NCS2 pipeline – phase 1.
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