• Chủ đầu tư:PVGAS
  • Loại dự án: Đường ống
  • Địa điểm:Vietnam
  • Thông tin chi tiết:

    • Duration:: 2014
    • Scope of service:   : Detailed Design
    • Project description:
      Thai Binh gas field was discovered in 2006 and Thai Binh development plan consists of a Wellhead platform (WHP) with minimum facilities. The gas will be sold ex-platform as full well stream (FWS) to shore via a 25 km pipeline.Petro Vietnam Gas Joint Stock Corporation (PVGas) is responsible for the development of Thai Binh - Ham Rong Gas Distribution and Gathering System Project to transport gas from Ham Rong field (Block 106), Thai Binh field (Block 102) and Other fields (Hong Long, Sapa Nam, Hong Ha- Block 103 & 107) to industrial zones in Thai Binh and neighboring provinces in the North of Vietnam.
      Phase 1 of the Project includes facilities on Thai Binh Platform, Gas Distribution Center (GDC) and gas transport pipeline connecting Thai Binh field to GDC as followings:

    -     Platform topside facilities include Pig launcher and Corrosion Inhibitor skid;

    -    Spool is installed for connections from Ham Rong field, other fields;

    -    Tie-in point for LNG exports FPSO in the future;

    -    The pipeline from Thai Binh Platform to GDC shall be designed with additional capacity to service other platforms 106, 103 & 107. It shall include:

    Approximately 13.1 km from TBDP-A to LFP at Con Thistle;

    Approximately 5.28 km from LFP to LFS;

    Approximately 5.8 km from LFS to onshore GDC.
    In Tien Hai GDC, the 3 phase separator and filter/separator will be expected to install in order to separate water, flit solid object, take condensate and sale gas. Condensates will be stored and send out by truck loading system. Sale gas will be supplied to industrial. 


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