• Chủ đầu tư:PVGAS
  • Loại dự án: Đường ống
  • Địa điểm:Cuu Long & Nam Con Son Basin – Vietnam
  • Thông tin chi tiết:

    • Duration: 2010 - 2014
    • Scope of work: PVE provides the following engineering services to the project:

    - Onshore and Offshore topographical and Geotechnical Surveys for FS/FEED and Detailed design.

    -  Feasibility Study (FS).

    -  Front End Engineering Design (FEED)

    -  Detailed Design.

    • Project description:

    The Nam Con Son 2 Gas Pipeline Project (NCS2) has been initiated to recover and process the gas reserved from the Hai Thach, Moc Tinh (block 05.2, 05.3), Thien Ung, Mang Cau (block 04.3), block 04.1 and other gas fields located within the Nam Con Son basin. The pipeline project also considers possibilities to transport import gas from ASEAN countries in future to provide for the growth in demand at Southeast Viet Nam area.
    Pipeline design capacity: Gas: 18.4 MMSCMD and Condensate: 1,320 ton/day, or dry gas: 20 MMSCMD (7 BMSCMY).
    The NCS-2 pipeline system consists of the following items:

    -    Offshore pipeline is approximate 325 km to transport 2 phase gas, starts from The Hai Thach Platform passes the Central Processing Platform of Thien Ung field, Bach Ho and then runs to a Landfall Station at Long Hai.

    -    Onshore pipeline is approximate 9 km, from Long Hai Landfall Station (LFS) to Gas Processing Plant (GPP2) at Dinh Co.

    -    Gas Processing Plant (GPP2) at Dinh Co.

    -    Onshore dry gas pipeline is approximate 30 km, from Dinh Co GPP2 to Gas Phu My Distribution Central (GDC) pipeline, includes:

                       Line block valve station (LBV) at Phuoc Hoa.

                       Phu My GDC expansion: Only pig receiver, metering skid and tie-ins.

    -    Two liquid product pipelines (LPG & Condensate) is approximate 25 km from outlet of Dinh Co GPP2 to transport to Thi Vai Terminal and 03 LBVs.

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