• Chủ đầu tư:VSP
  • Loại dự án: Đường ống
  • Địa điểm:Vietnam
  • Thông tin chi tiết:

    • Duration : 2013
    • Scope of work: Offshore Topographical and Geotechnical Survey; FEED.
    • Project description:
      The Nam Con Son 2 gas pipeline project - Phase 1 has a length of 151.35 km with pipe diameter of about 26” from Thien Ung field and ends at Tie-In point (Km207 +500) in connection with Bach Ho rig (BK4A) to collect gas from the Dai Hung and Thien Ung fields to the land, supplement to the amount of gas shortages in the future in the Southeast region.
      The 11.8 km 26” NCS2-BK4A gas pipeline is connected from tie-in point at KP 207+500 to BK4A platform.
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